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  • Exceptional service

    We believe that being easy to work with is the most important ingredient of delivering a great service.

    We were awarded 5 stars at the Financial Adviser Service Awards 2023 for our pension service for the 15th year running and 5 stars for our protection service for the 10th year running, so you can recommend us to your clients with confidence. We were also awarded Company of the Year. We've won many other awards too.

  • We support your business

    We offer a wide range of support, from client letters and calculators, pre-sales tools and profiling questionnaires. Whatever you need, our online tools will help you tailor your advice and get the most from your client conversations.

    Our Business Support Unit can help you get to grips with a range of tools - including those developed by third-parties - to help you save time and deliver the best results for your clients.

  • More resources

    We can also support your learning with a range of educational modules on our CPD hub. There you'll find accredited webinars and articles on a wide variety of pensions and protection topics that’ll help you build up those valuable CPD hours.

  • How our mutuality benefits clients

    Our mutuality means we're customer owned - when we do well, so do our customers. Some of our profits are shared amongst our qualifying customers, we call this ProfitShare. We also reinvest profits to develop new products and services that will benefit customers.

  • We offer your clients flexibility

    We understand that every client is unique, which is why we build flexibility and options into all our products. This also helps you tailor your recommendations to their specific needs.

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Meet the Consumer Duty requirements, now and in future

Our support hub is full of guidance and resources to help you continue to meet the Consumer Duty requirements and deliver good client outcomes.

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