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Funds literature

All our funds literature can be found in the investment and funds section of our website.

Investment literature

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Change of investment form (PDF)

Alter your existing investment choice for select plans.

32A28 Yes


Title Reference Editable PDF?

Risk attitude profiling questionnaire (PDF)

Record your answers to the risk attitude profiling questionnaire

511RQC Yes

Risk attitude profiling questionnaire factsheet (PDF)

About the questionnaire and its role in financial planning.

511RF -


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Governed Portfolios client brochure (PDF)
Introducing Governed Portfolios.


GRIPS - Investing for your retirement (PDF)

Governed Retirement Income Portfolios client brochure.


Pension fund range summary (PDF)

Discover the investment funds available through a Royal London pension.


Investment options (funds by contract type) (PDF)

Details of the fund range offered by Royal London.


Our guide to default investment (PDF)

An outline of what your responsibilities are, and how we can help you meet them.


A guide to how we manage our unit-linked funds (PDF)

How our unit-linked funds work and how we manage them.


Investing responsibly with us (adviser) (PDF)

Responsible investment and our Governed Range


Multi-asset portfolio management adviser guide (PDF)

Provides more information about the Governed Range and the level of sophistication and expertise we offer.


G 5 PD 0003

Multi Asset Portfolio Management guide (PDF)

Demonstrate the sophistication of our flagship Governed Range. Suitable for confident investors or clients who are actively engaged with their investments.

PDF 5 PD 0119


You can find our Governed Range factsheets and datasheets and fund factsheets and prices in the investment and funds section of our website. Below are some of our other factsheets that may be of interest.

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Royal London fund With Profits fund factsheet (PDF)

In this leaflet we call the Royal London Open fund the With Profits fund.


Crest Secure fund factsheet (PDF)

The Crest Secure fund is a subset of the Royal London Open fund within the Royal London Long Term fund.


Scottish Life Deposit Administration fund factsheet (PDF)

The Deposit Administration fund is similar to a With Profits fund but with a lower exposure to the stock market.


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Capital Investment Bond product summary (PDF)

Understand product charges, commission rates, premiums paid and more.


Profitbuilder change of investment form (PDF)

Change your investment choice under your Profitbuilder plan.


Sales aids for advisers

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Transaction costs (PDF)

View transaction costs for the funds we manage.


Sales aids for use with clients

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The Sustainable Fund Range (Client brochure) (PDF)

See how we aim to generate good returns whilst making a positive contribution.


GRIPs – Investing for your retirement (Client brochure) (PDF)

If you’d like flexible access to your savings and a regular income, then GRIPs could suit you.


Governed Portfolios (Client brochure) (PDF)

Choose from nine ready-made Governed Portfolios.


Matrix consumer guide (PDF)

Explore our range of Matrix funds.