Maximum income calculator

Work out the maximum income your client can apply for under Income Protection.

Employee benefits packages can vary from one employer to another. So, when it comes to sick pay, no two clients are the same.

While the lucky ones may receive a better deal than Statutory Sick Pay, this can still fall short of their needs.

Our flexible Income Protection can help bridge that gap.

But it’s important to work out how much cover a client should have, so, their claim will pay out when they need it.

That’s where our maximum income calculator comes in.

It’s a quick way to see much cover a client can apply for.

And it can help when you’re recommending income protection alongside a tiered sick pay arrangement.

For example, your client might get 100% of their salary for the first three months off work, reducing to 50% for another three months.

After that, they might not receive any further wages.

Our Income Protection lets you choose more than one deferred period, so that one level of benefit kicks in after a set amount of time to top up their reduced sick pay, and the remaining cover pays out when their sick pay stops.

Simply enter a few details – your client’s name, employment status, salary, P11D and their tiered sick pay arrangement. Then hit ‘Calculate’.

You’ll see how to set up the cover they could apply for, and the benefit they’d receive after each deferred period.

So now it’s even easier to get your clients the cover they need – and the peace of mind that goes with it.

This calculator allows you to work out the maximum income your client can apply for under Income Protection. It doesn’t apply to Key Person Income Protection.

This calculator will also allow you to enter your client’s sick pay arrangements to help you make a recommendation that is tailored to their needs.

Any income from other plans your client has isn't taken into account. You should deduct this from the result unless those plans are to be cancelled.

The maximum annual income available is:

  • 65% of the first £15,000 of your client’s earnings before tax plus
  • 55% of their remaining earnings before tax above £15,000
  • The overall maximum is £250,000 a year (£20,833.33 a month).

Please note, this calculator is very general in nature and won't exactly reflect your client’s personal tax situation. The information shouldn't be construed as legal or tax advice.

The calculator assumes:

  • no sick pay is received after the second deferred period
  • the percentage of company sick pay provided relates to the employee’s gross annual salary
  • your client has use of their full basic personal tax-free allowance and the allowance will be restricted where earnings exceed the limit for the full personal allowance, and
  • your client is subject to not-contracted-out Class 1 National Insurance Contributions.

It doesn’t take into account any changes to the personal allowance based on their personal circumstances.

This information is based on our current understanding of law and HM Revenue & Customs practice for the tax year 2022/23. It uses the personal tax rates listed on and uses English tax rates only. It may be affected by future changes and individual circumstances.