Our flexible personal pension

Our personal pension product combines great features, value for money and a competitive charging structure. We call it Pension Portfolio. 


Flexibility at
its core

Pension Portfolio combines a personal pension, drawdown and investment options to suit different clients.

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Proven investment solution

Our Governed Range boasts a 13-year track record for delivering successful investment outcomes.

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Integrated drawdown facility

Move your clients seamlessly
into drawdown – from within
the same plan.

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We’re easy to do business with

  • Low charges - to reward your clients for saving, our management charge reduces as the value of their pension savings grow.
  • Sharing our profits - when we do well, we'll aim to give your clients’ pension savings an extra boost by adding a share of our profits to their plan each year. We call this ProfitShare.
  • Proven investment solutions - we actively manage our customers’ money – adjusting exposure to companies with large carbon footprints or poor social practices. Always aiming to deliver positive financial returns.
  • Unmatched service excellence - with 5 stars for service at the Financial Adviser Service Awards for 13 years running, you can be confident we always have your clients’ best interests at heart.

Deliver more online

Reduce paperwork, save time, and drive down costs with our range of online tools.

Financial planning tool  
Give your clients a complete picture of their different sources of income and how their spending needs could change over time.

Client review service 
Use as part of your regular review process to show clients how their plan is doing and what their future looks like.

Drawdown governance service  
Monitor the income your drawdown clients are taking and quickly notice when things are heading off track.

New business tracker
Track the progress of your individual pensions business in real-time.

Personal pension submission portal

Upload and securely submit personal pension application forms quickly and easily online.

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Five years of ProfitShare, and counting 

We believe our customers should share in our success. So, when we do well, we'll aim to boost their pension savings by adding a share of our profits to their plan each year. We call this ProfitShare. We made our first ProfitShare award to unit-linked customers in April 2017, and we’re delighted to have boosted their pension savings every year since. 

Realise the benefits of pension switching

Generating new business can be challenging, but perhaps these new opportunities sit with your existing clients.  

If you have clients with older pensions, now could be a good time to review their existing plans to help them achieve a better retirement. It’s also an opportunity for you to generate additional income for your business.

The benefits of pension switching

Please note: Pension switching may not be suitable for all your clients. For example, if they're part of an employer's pension scheme, a Final Salary scheme or their existing plans have any guarantees or enhanced tax-free cash, transferring into a new plan may not be in their best interests.

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