Value of menu tool

We understand your clients have different needs, circumstances and budgets. A menu approach allows you to mix and match a range of covers to provide the right amount of protection for their lifestyle.

This tool provides indicative examples to help you with your menu plan conversations. It shows the difference between a traditional protection approach and a flexible menu solution - showing the value of your advice.  

All information requested remains anonymous. You must complete all fields.  To use this tool, your client(s) must:

  • Be aged between 20 and 59 years
  • Earn an annual salary between £5,000 - £450,000 (for Joint Life examples, at least one life must meet the salary criteria)
  • Have a mortgage balance between £15,000 and £99,999,999
  • Have a remaining mortgage term between 5 and 47 years.

This tool is not an official quote.