Centralised retirement propositions

Published  19 November 2020
   60 min CPD

In this webinar, Ryan explores the intricacies of centralised investment proposition (CIP) and centralised retirement proposition (CRP) frameworks.

CPD learning outcomes - 60 minutes

  • Recognise the FCA’s concerns about retirement income advice
  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between the PROD rules, centralised investment propositions (CIP)s and centralised retirement propositions (CRP)s
  • Identify the various components and processes within a CRP
  • Understand how a CRP approach can deliver robust client planning.

What's covered

  • Centralised investment proposition (CIP) and centralised retirement proposition (CRP) frameworks and their relationship with the PROD rules
  • How the financial planning community has been adopting and integrating these models within formal advice processes.


CPD certificate of completion

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