Tax relief and the annual allowance

Published  17 June 2022
   45 min CPD

Jim Grant and Caroline Kellas dig deeper into the technicalities of tax relief and the annual allowance in our webinar master-class.

This webinar was recorded on 17 June 2022 and figures are based on the 2022/23 tax year.

CPD learning outcomes

  • Understand the rules on tax relief and how much is available
  • Understand the relationship between the annual allowance and tax relief
  • Understand what triggers the money purchase annual allowance
  • Understand how to calculate the annual allowance when the taper applies
  • Understand how to calculate unused annual allowance using carry forward.

What's covered

  • Tax relief on contributions with examples
  • What will and won't trigger the money purchase annual allowance
  • Definitions of threshold income and adjusted income with examples
  • Carry forward - where it can go wrong.

CPD certificate of completion

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