The Meaning of Value

Published  07 December 2023
   60 min CPD

We know delivering value to your clients is important to you. And now of course, Consumer Duty requires all firms to ensure they deliver fair value and can evidence this.

Join Jamie Jenkins, (Policy, Communications and External Affairs Director at Royal London) and Mike Barrett, (Consulting Director at The Lang cat), as they discuss the findings of our new research report: The meaning of value.

We wanted to understand more about what consumers actually value. What is important to them, and what things do they consider when deciding whether something is, or isn’t of value?

This is what our new 'Meaning of Value' research report is all about.

Our report introduces the Consumer Value Index. Over time, this will track how consumers are rating their financial services providers, including advisers, with regards to value. This research report will provide you with new insight into key questions, chief among them - when purchasing a product or service, what do consumers think value is, and what do they value most from an adviser?


Learning objectives:

  • How consumers define value
  • What consumers value from financial service product providers
  • What consumers value from their adviser and financial advice.

What’s covered

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3. What was the number one thing consumers value when selecting a financial product?
4. What do consumers value the most from a financial adviser?
5. What do advisers think consumers value from their advice?

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