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We know delivering value to your clients is important to you. And now of course, Consumer Duty requires all firms to ensure they deliver fair value and can evidence this.

We wanted to understand more about what consumers actually value. What is important to them, and what things do they consider when deciding whether something is, or isn’t of value?

This is what our new Meaning of Value research report is all about.

We hope this research report will provide you with new insight into key questions, chief among them - when purchasing a product or service, what do consumers think value is, and what do they value most from an adviser?

Key findings from our report

  • The way people define value is multi-faceted and nuanced - consumers apply different value judgments to different products and services.
  • 50% of consumers who paid for investment advice stated that performance was the 'most important thing' to them.
  • Value is not just about price. Many consumers consider the feeling of 'getting what they might expect at a good price' as most important.

Explore the data

Our new infographic puts a spotlight on gender and age differences in the findings.

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