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Bridging the gender pension gap - CPD

In this report we look at pensions inequality in the UK, the various factors that contribute to this gap, and the steps can be taken by industry, employers and individuals to improve and deliver more equal retirement outcomes.

Bridging the gender pension gap

Business owner – planning for a catastrophe - CPD

In this webinar we'll highlight the rise in business owners and discuss some of the implications in terms of the need for financial planning.

Business owner – planning for a catastrophe - CPD

Business structures and pensions

The way in which a business is set up affects the way it can pay pension contributions and the tax relief it can claim.

Consumer duty

Right now, the Financial Conduct Authority is putting the finishing touches to its new Consumer Duty. As we count down to the launch of the new rules and guidance, we wanted to understand what advisers think about the forthcoming changes and how they plan to adjust their existing business practices. 

In our latest research, you can find what advisers are saying about the Duty – along with answers to these key questions:

In this podcast, our experts discuss the key findings from our Consumer Duty research. They explore the challenges advisers face to get their business ready in time and where providers can lend support.

CPD | Consumer Duty – a practical guide (pensions)

In this session we’ll start by looking at what outcomes the FCA are looking to achieve, followed by a reminder of what’s changing, and just as importantly, what the duty doesn’t do.

Family Tree - Intergenerational planning - CPD

Over the last 10 to 15 years, we've seen a period of asset generation; from strong investment performance, growing property portfolios to first time buyers utilising help to buy schemes. 

As we now enter a period of asset preservation, how can financial advisers support clients to retain their financial resilience and ability to pass wealth onto future generations?

The Family Tree - Intergenerational planning

Horizon scanning

Here we summarise some recent or ongoing changes in legislation or regulation.

Increase in normal minimum pension age in 2028

The normal minimum pension age is increasing for most individuals on 6 April 2028 to age 57. This change affects people born after 6 April 1971. In this article we explain the changes and the protections available to some individuals. 

Parental leave and pensions

We are often asked how parental leave impacts workplace pension schemes in terms of funding in general, auto enrolment and salary exchange. This article explains each of these.

Pensions and bankruptcy

This article explores how bankruptcy can affect pensions.

Pension business owner - CPD

In this webinar we highlight the rise in business owners and discuss some of the implications in terms of the need for financial planning. We also dig deeper into the limited company, the wholly and exclusively rule and how taxation of dividends work – and much more 

Pension hot topics - CPD

We investigate three of the hottest technical pension topics including ISA vs pension and how some individuals may be able to boost their assets by 67% by switching their ISA to their pension.

Pensions scams

An explanation of pension scams and pension liberation and how they work.

Power of attorney

Powers of attorney are a valuable tool that helps vulnerable people have their affairs managed before or when they have lost mental capacity.

The following guides help people who work in regulated markets learn about:

  • Lasting powers of attorney (LPAs)
  • Enduring powers of attorney (EPAs)
  • Deputy court orders

There are different laws and processes in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

England and Wales

The following guide only covers powers of attorney registered in England and Wales and court orders issued in England and Wales.


For information about powers of attorney in Scotland

Northern Ireland

For information about powers of attorney in Northern Ireland.

Stakeholder pensions

This analysis looks at some of the more technical requirements that apply to stakeholder pensions.

The McCloud remedy - CPD

In these webinars we look at the changes to the pension benefits of unfunded public sector members as a result of the McCloud remedy.

Adviser overview – Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)

Adviser overview - unfunded schemes

Taxation and corrections - unfunded schemes


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