Why choose our Personal Menu Plan?

With a Personal Menu Plan you can mix and match a range of covers and benefits with different sums assured and plan terms to tailor the cover that suits your clients' individual needs and budgets.

No matter where someone is in their life, the cover available from our Personal Menu Plan can change with them. So if it’s protecting their mortgage, family, or the lifestyle they’ve built – we’ve got it covered. All with just one application, one plan charge and one direct debit. Plus all of the usual extras you’d expect like Helping Hand and award-winning customer service as standard.

Benefits of our Personal Menu Plan

  • Deliver what your clients need –  mix and match a range of covers to suit your client’s individual needs and budget. For example, combining Income Protection with Life Cover you can make sure they've got a regular income to help cover expenses if they’re unable to work or that their mortgage is protected.

  • Choice and flexibility -  choose different start dates for each cover within one application. So you could start a client’s family protection straight away, but then their mortgage protection at a later date when the mortgage completes.

  • Tailored cover - choose different owners for each separate cover under the same plan, which allows for cover to be tailored to each individual - this means that one of the lives could be covered for more or for longer.

  • Continued cover – setting up a plan with two single owners rather than one joint owner means that cover can continue should one person need to make a claim.

  • Family income benefit – clients can opt to receive any potential Life Cover or Critical Illness Cover claim as an income rather than a lump sum which could result in reduced premiums.

  • Free cover - waiting on a mortgage completing can sometimes take time. That’s why we can provide your clients with cover as soon as they’ve completed the application - so they’re protected even before their plan starts.

  • A range of trusts - using a suitable trust can help your clients avoid a delay in benefits being paid and may help them to avoid an inheritance tax liability. We've a wide range of bare and discretionary trusts available to meet your client’s needs.

Find out more about the covers available within our Personal Menu Plan:

Boost your clients’ mortgage protection

Over the years your clients will start to have other needs over and above protecting just their mortgage such as providing for their children.

By using a menu approach to protection, they could combine Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection to provide them with comprehensive cover for the entire family.


Protection for your client’s business

Protecting a business doesn’t have to be more complicated than protecting a mortgage. The effects of someone dying or suffering a critical illness are just as devastating and could have serious financial consequences for any business.

By using a menu approach to business protection, you can help protect your client’s business.

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