Would your clients still be able to pay their premiums if they were unable to work due to an illness or injury?

Our Waiver of Premium (Sickness) covers your clients' premiums should they become ill or injured and meet our definition of incapacitated, or if they're diagnosed with a terminal illness and have less than 12 months to live.

Benefits of our Waiver of Premium (Sickness)

  • Choice

    Your clients can choose a deferred period to suit their needs, after which we'll start paying their  premiums.

  • Flexibility

    If your clients' circumstances change, they can usually amend their chosen deferred period to suit their needs.

  • Accelerated claims for terminal illness

    If your clients are diagnosed with a terminal illness that meets our definition, they won't need to wait for their deferred period to end before we start paying their premiums. 

  • Reassurance

    We automatically include Waiver of Premium (Sickness) when your clients take out Income Protection. 

  • Helping Hand

    All our Personal Menu Plans come with our Helping Hand support service. 

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