We make it easy to customise our Life Cover. We offer single, dual life and joint life cover as well as increasing, decreasing or level cover. 

Benefits of our Life Cover

  • Adaptable to life's changes

    We know life never stays the same for long. So in certain circumstances, life cover can be increased without the need for medical evidence. 

  • Free Cover

    In many cases we can offer cover before your clients' plan actually starts, from the moment they complete their application.

  • Dual Life cover

    Choose different owners for each cover under one plan, which means one life could be covered for a higher amount or for longer. This also means both people are covered by separate covers, so if there's a claim for one person, the other will still be protected.

  • Flexibility 

    Your clients can also ask us to change their cover in other ways. For example they can add a new cover to their plan or reduce an existing cover if they need to. If they want to add a new cover we'll need to ask for new medical information.

  • Peace of mind

    Our mortgage repayment guarantee option pays a lump sum equal to your clients' outstanding mortgage or loan amount at the date of claim.

  • Helping Hand

    All our Personal Menu Plans come with our Helping Hand support service. 

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