Online trusts

Writing a protection plan under trust with us is easy.

It's now even easier to write your clients' protection plans in trust. For our Personal Menu, Business Menu and Relevant Life Plans, you can now complete an online trust as part of the application process, completely signature free.

For all of our online trust options, the process is straight forward. We capture the trust information as part of a client's new online application. This simplified process will save you time and once you've submitted the application, we'll send confirmation to the plan owner and nominated trustees. Find out more about our signature free process for Split trusts on our Personal Menu Plans, as well as Business trusts and Relevant Life Plan trusts.

As always, our paper trust forms remain available for any applications, or for any trusts you wish to submit after an application has been accepted.

Writing a protection plan under trust can help make sure the money from a client’s plan ends up in the right hands at the right time, as quickly and tax efficiently as possible.

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Beneficiary nomination

For many Personal Menu Plans, there may be a simpler and more efficient solution to a trust with our beneficiary nomination option.

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