Beneficiary nomination

Available on individual Personal Menu Life Cover, Life or Critical Illness Cover plans and Whole of Life plans, beneficiary nomination allows plan owners to nominate who receives their payout, if there’s a claim paid after they die.

We want to give your clients peace of mind their payout will go to the correct person at their moment of truth. Currently the only way they can choose their beneficiary is to complete a trust form, but this can be complex.

Beneficiary nomination provides a simpler alternative. If your client's situation is straightforward and they know who they currently want to benefit, then use beneficiary nomination. We'll automatically pay any benefit after your client dies to their nominated beneficiary. And there's no need for probate or the completion of a trust form. For more complicated needs they should still consider a trust.

The plan owner can only nominate a beneficiary as part of their application - they can't add this later. But they can change their nominees at any time and we’ll remind them of this option annually. 

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