What this outcome means for you

This outcome requires you to understand if the price your clients pay for a product that you've recommended is reasonable when compared to the benefits they'll get from that product. This also applies to the cost of the advice you give them.

The outcome aims to reduce the potential for clients to be met with hidden, unreasonable or miscommunicated costs throughout the lifespan of any products recommended or services provided. 

This means paying close attention to the lifecycle of a product, and regularly assessing whether it’s still offering clients fair value, based on their circumstances and needs. 

What you need to do


  • Assess the Fair Value Assessments for the products you recommend: our assessments provide clear and transparent information on the outcomes of our reviews
  • Review your service proposition and charges clients can expect to pay: this includes upfront costs, recurring charges and fees they may incur across the entire lifecycle of a product you've recommended. If you assess and identify that your service is not offering fair value, please let us know
  • Consider where real value is being added: identify where product features offer real value to clients based on their needs, including overall benefits such as add-ons, good customer service and support systems.

Show how your service offers fair value

These resources can help you assess the cost of delivering your advice services, and how you offer fair value to your clients.


Pensions: Show that your pension recommendations offer fair value

Our Fair Value Assessments and resources can help you show the value and benefits that our pension products can give to your clients.


Protection: Show that your protection recommendations offer fair value

Use these resources to review our protection products and assess your client's circumstances to make sure your recommendations offer them fair value.

Helping Hand

Your clients can access hand-picked early care medical services and advice to help them lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as support during difficult times.

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