Guaranteed whole of life value calculator

Our value calculator is designed to strengthen your Whole of Life conversations and make it easier to recommend Royal London to your clients.

By entering some basic information, you can quickly demonstrate the value of taking out a Whole of Life policy and paying the premiums versus saving those premiums in a bank account earning the chosen rate of interest.

Before you start using the tool, it’s important to note:

  • Interest rates can be chosen between 0% and 6% and is the annual equivalent rate on a bank account
  • The calculator should only be used for policies with guaranteed rates, it must not be used for policies with reviewable rates
  • The calculation is based upon the data provided. The accuracy of the data is the responsibility of the adviser
  • This calculator is illustrative, and the figures produced aren’t guaranteed. Royal London does not accept responsibility for decisions made as a result of using this calculator
  • Any recommendations made after using this calculator are the adviser's responsibility.

Guaranteed Whole of Life, too expensive?

Read about Bob and Maureen who have a potential IHT liability on their death of £500k.

Download our case study (PDF)