Send to client

Find out how our 'send to client' feature makes the application process even quicker - and makes sure you maintain complete control.

Start a form for your clients then send it to them to finish or to request specific details, such as their medical history.


Our 'send to client' feature makes the application process even easier for you and your clients.

After entering some basic information...

You have the option to send an application to your client to complete their medical details.

This feature can be activated at any stage - so you can partially complete sections first or send the full question set to your client.

Your client will receive an email from us.

And will be asked to log-in securely using their name and date of birth.

They can complete their details in privacy, at a time and place that suits them.

And joint lives are sent separate links, making the process even quicker.

Our send to client tracker gives you full visibility.

And you can access an application at any time.

You can see:

Whether your client has accessed an application since you sent it.

How many sections have been completed.

You can even click in to view it so if your client is stuck, you can help.

And you can view the progress of individual lives.

Once your client has completed their information, the application is returned to you – making sure you maintain complete control.

And it is you we will give our final decision to so you can relay this to your client.

We won't ask for GP or bank details until you and your client have decided to go ahead and we know that these are needed.

It's you that will then complete these final details before sending the completed application to us, so you’re in the driving seat every step of the way.

It really is that simple.

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