Supporting your pension scheme switching

We're committed to giving you and your clients the very best experience when you switch their workplace pension scheme to Royal London. Whether they're looking to save money or want a pension scheme with an improved service - we're here to help you demonstrate the potential benefits of switching.

Reasons to switch to Royal London

  • We've dedicated teams on-hand throughout the process. They'll answer any questions you or your client may have and will ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Our implementation team will be on hand to help your client get their scheme up and running. And they'll give them all the training they need, so they're comfortable running their scheme themselves
  • Our experienced transfer team will manage the transfer of any existing pension savings over to your client's new scheme
  • We'll work with your clients to create a strong employee engagement plan, and can add their branding to our communication materials at no extra cost
  • We won’t charge your clients to transfer their pension scheme to us
  • When we do well, we aim to boost qualifying customers' pension savings by adding a share of our profits to their plan each year. We call this ProfitShare.

The benefits of reviewing and switching your client's scheme

Our leaflet contains a case study that can help you initiate conversations with both existing and new clients about reviewing their workplace pension scheme, and the potential benefits of switching.

It looks at where your clients could save money as well as ways you can generate new business opportunities.

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How we support your clients

Once your client has made the decision to move their scheme to Royal London, we'll assign them an implementation manager.

They'll introduce them to their implementation hub, which provides an overview of how their move is progressing, and take them through the steps involved when switching their scheme:

  • Starting their journey: Your client's implementation manager will introduce themselves, explain the process and answer any questions your client may have
  • Getting the details right: They'll gather all the information needed to set up your client's scheme so it’s in line with their requirements
  • Getting their data ready: It’s really important that the data your client sends us is correct. Their implementation manager will provide them with materials to help them do this
  • Showing your client the ropes: In a series of one-to-one training sessions, your client's implementation manager will show them how to use our award-winning online service
  • Run their scheme: Once everything is set up, your client's implementation manager will make sure they feel comfortable running the scheme themselves. If they are, they'll then pass your client over to our dedicated servicing team who are a phone call away if they need them.

To find out more about the steps involved in this process and the support materials available, you can visit the implementation hub on our employer site.

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Find out more

Speak to your usual Royal London contact to find out more about the benefits of our workplace pension and switching to us.

How to get started with Royal London

Strong communications and engagement

We offer a range of communication materials to help engage your client's employees with their new pension plan.

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