Engaging employees with workplace pension transfers

We aim to take the hard work out of pension transfers so you can focus on helping your clients. That's why our transfer process has been designed to make it easy for you, your clients and their employees.

We'll give your clients access to a range of support and engagement materials, to share with their employees to let them know their pension provider is changing. These resources will guide employees through moving to a new workplace pension scheme and let them know they have the option to transfer their existing pension savings.

We'll send employees transfer information, containing everything they need to help them decide if transferring their pension savings is right for them. And what they need to do if they want to go ahead.

Our dedicated team is on hand to help, from providing regular updates to letting you know the next steps.

Supporting you throughout

If you're using our Royal London led pension transfer process we’ll work with you to make sure you’ve got all the transfer details needed and that it meets the compliance requirements. So you focus on what matters to you, whilst we take care of the rest.

Our workplace pension transfer options

You can decide how you want to run the transfers and we'll provide as much or as little support as you need. There are three options available.

Fully-advised transfer

This is an advised process that's provided by you and supported by us.

What you need to do:

  • Have the right qualifications to provide transfer advice
  • Help members decide if transferring is the right choice
  • Make sure the transfer is compliant
  • You'll be able to charge for your service

Adviser-led pension transfer process

This process is non-advised. You'll lead on the transfer and we'll support you.

What you need to do:

  • Make sure the transfer is compliant
  • Manage the process and keep your client up to date
  • Support you by providing sample materials
  • Request the transfers from the previous provider
  • You'll be able to charge for your services

Royal London led pension transfer process

This is also a non-advised transfer process that we lead on with your support.

What we'll do:

  • Manage the full transfer process
  • Make sure the transfer is compliant
  • Carry out checks to make sure the scheme is suitable
  • Issue clear communications to help members make a decision
  • Keep you and your client updated with what’s happening

You can find out more about our options by downloading our detailed transfer guide.

How the Royal London led transfer process works

Get the details

We'll ask you to collect certain information about the previous scheme to make sure that those wishing to transfer don’t lose any valuable benefits.

Engage your employees

We'll help your clients raise awareness among their employees of the option to transfer their pension savings.

Make the offer

Once we’ve received an employee's first contribution, and we're ready to make an offer, we'll send them information to help them make a decision.

Request the transfers

Once our dedicated transfer team receive the employee’s transfer form (and trustee authorisation, if required) they’ll take it from there.

Complete the transfers

Our dedicated transfer team will make sure everything is completed and tie up any loose ends.

Get started with a transfer

Get in touch to learn more about workplace pension transfers or speak to your usual Royal London contact about starting a transfer.

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