How to nail that menu conversation

Published  23 February 2021
   60 min CPD

In this webinar, our Protection Development and Technical Managers, Shelley Read and Gregor Sked, will take you through key steps that’ll help you to nail your menu conversations. 

They'll also show you how to use our new menu tool.

CPD learning outcomes - 60 minutes

  • Have a better understanding of the advantages of writing policies in a Menu Plan for both clients and advisers
  • Use a simple model to help every client appreciate their own individual protection gaps
  • Be able to create a bespoke report to show the risks clients face and the probability of making a claim
  • Have a clear understanding of who could benefit from a Menu Plan protection portfolio
  • Understand how to use the Royal London menu tool
  • Build a cost-effective menu-based solution to suit client’s needs and budget.

What's covered

  • Establishing the protection need
  • Looking through the lens of a client
  • Opportunity spotting
  • Growing your business with menu.

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1. When using the IAN model to help establish a client's protection need, what does 'A' stand for?
2. Typically, a 'traditional' approach to protection often allows clients to:
3. If Jenny has a Menu Plan which includes Life or Critical Illness Cover with Enhanced Children's Cover, Income Protection and Life only Family Income Benefit, how many potential claims could be made?
4. The four benefits of using menu to grow your business were described as: Risk, Revenue, Retention and _______?

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