Future proofing your advice – how protection can help deliver good customer outcomes

Published  27 July 2023
   60 min CPD

In this session, Gregor Sked – Senior Protection Development & Technical Manager will look at the role of protection advice from a Consumer Duty perspective.

Throughout this 60 minute webinar we’ll explore the opportunities to make protection an integral part of your holistic advice with clients including why discussing attitude to protection risk can help them to achieve their future financial objectives.

CPD learning outcomes - 60 minutes

  • Have a better understanding of the role protection advice will play in helping you meet the FCA's Consumer Duty objectives
  • Be able to profile protection risks and probability to clients in order to help them stay financially resilient when unexpected life events occur
  • Be able to identify at least one opportunity within your existing client bank to discuss financial protection.

What's covered

  • The role protection advice will play in helping meet Consumer Duty requirements
  • Risks and probability
  • Helping clients stay financially resilient
  • Identifying opportunities to discuss financial protection
  • Click here to download the webinar slides

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1. According to the FCA Financial Lives Survey, what portion of UK adults have low financial resilience?
2. Royal London offer a simple alternative to using a trust, what is the name of this feature?
3. What is the name of the British Insurer Broker Associations (BIBA) service that can help put clients in touch with a firm that specialises in clients with health conditions?
4. If you wanted to create a bespoke risk report, what is the name of the free Royal London tool you would use?
5. What was the top reason given by consumers when asked ‘why do you not have any protection in place?’ in the AMI Viewpoint Report?

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