Business health check

Published  23 November 2021
   35 min CPD

In this webinar, Shelley Read our Senior Intermediary and Development manager will show you how to analyse your protection business to ensure it’s performing at its best.

She’ll take you through our personalised insight report, highlighting areas that can protect you and your business as well as raising awareness of areas to increase revenue and profitability.

We’ll also look at the best way to use data and MI to understand and identify business risks.

CPD learning outcomes - 35 minutes

  • Confidently use Royal London’s personalised insight report
  • Analyse your business activity using data and MI
  • Identify risk areas and opportunities of your business to increase revenue and profitability

What's covered

  • Identifying your key business drivers
  • Through the eyes of an adviser
  • Send to client

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3. The report can hi-light potential missed product streams such as
4. Multi Benefit protection policies often have

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