Helping to deliver value with ProfitShare

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Help to deliver value and demonstrate good financial outcomes for your clients with ProfitShare.

We were delighted to share £155 million of our profits with around 2 million eligible customers in April this year. This is based on year end 2022 and includes awards made to With Profits customers. These customers received a 1.2% enhancement in 2023.

Seven years of ProfitShare

It's important we strike the right balance between investing in our business, maintaining our robust financial position and the level of any ProfitShare award. We believe taking this approach helps you and your clients have confidence in Royal London.

We'll continue to do this to make sure we support good outcomes for you and
your clients.

Since 2017, we’ve shared more than £1 billion of our profits with eligible customers. Download our ProfitShare leaflet and start a conversation with your clients.

  2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
ProfitShare award £155m £169m £146m £140m £150m £142m £114m
ProfitShare rate 0.15% 0.15% 0.15% 0.15% 0.18% 0.18% 0.18%

The ProfitShare amounts shown include awards made to With Profits customers. Remember that ProfitShare isn’t guaranteed. However, once we’ve awarded ProfitShare, we’ll never ask for it back.

ProfitShare and Mutuality

Founded in 1861, we’re the UK’s largest mutual life, pensions and investment company.

As a customer owned business, when we do well, so do they. Some of our profits are shared out between our customers. We also reinvest profits to develop new products and services that will benefit customers.

But being a mutual is about more than money. We’ve got the freedom to focus on understanding our customers’ needs and working to solve the problems that matter to them.

“Our mutuality remains as relevant now as when our business was first established. We are committed to being vigilant stewards of our capital, managing our costs carefully and sharing the benefits of our success with eligible customers through our ProfitShare scheme. By delivering our Purpose – ‘Protecting today, investing in tomorrow. Together we are mutually responsible’ – we aim to protect our customers’ standard of living, today and over future generations.”

Barry O’Dwyer, Group Chief Executive

Delivering value

ProfitShare is just one of the ways we express our mutuality and help deliver value for you and your clients. Visit our website to explore more ways we can help.

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