It is possible to transfer your pension fund to another plan.

Block transfers: Tax-free cash protection and protected pension age

Protecting tax-free cash on transfer is, and always has been, one of the most popular queries we receive. More specifically, what happens if an individual who is entitled to tax-free cash of more than 25% is transferring to another plan?

And we also look at when a protected pension age is kept or lost on transfer.

Defined Benefit transfers

Two things to think about

Advisers are receiving an increasing number of requests from clients looking to transfer their pension from defined benefit schemes to personal pensions. In this article we look at the 2 main topics we get questions on.

The FCA has produced a step-by-step guide which helps customers know what to expect when taking advice in connection with a transfer from a Defined Benefit scheme.

In specie transfers

In specie transfers involve a transfer of assets between two pension schemes, and usually involve shares, property and/or funds.

Overseas transfers

What are the rules regarding transfers to overseas pension schemes?

CPD | Pensions & Investment 

We have a number of online resources on pension transfers in our Pensions & Investment CPD hub

Safeguarded benefits

The Pension Schemes Act 2015 introduced the concept of safeguarded benefits from 6 April 2015. It also placed a requirement on some individuals to take financial advice before they can give up safeguarded benefits. We take a look at what safeguarded benefits are and when an individual needs to take advice to give them up.

Transfers in drawdown

Our top five frequently asked questions

We look at transfers in drawdown in the latest in our series of top five FAQs on pensions technical topics.

Transfers in ill-health

If someone transfers from one pension scheme to another at a time when they know they are in ill-health, HMRC may treat this as a transfer of value and it could be subject to inheritance tax. In this article we look at the options available. 

Our frequently asked questions

Here we look at some of the questions we are asked most often. 

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