What’s on the menu?

Published  17 February 2022
   60 min CPD

In this webinar we’ll explore support and ideas to help have compelling menu conversations.

Including tools to demonstrate the risk, the chance and probability of making a claim, the new Royal London Menu Tool, plus simple ideas to uncover any protection gaps.

CPD learning outcomes - 60 minutes

  • Have a better understanding of the advantages of writing policies in a Menu Plan for both clients and advisers
  • Understand how to use the Royal London Adviser tools to have compelling menu conversations
  • Build a cost-effective menu-based solution to suit client’s needs and budget
  • Be confident in explaining the wide range of services available through Helping Hand.

What's covered

  • An overview of our Value of Menu Tool
  • Which clients could benefit from a Menu Plan approach
  • The advantages of a menu plan approach versus a more traditional one
  • Recent enhancements to our Helping Hand added value benefit.

CPD certificate of completion

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