Tax year end - your top questions answered

Published  16 January 2023
   60 min CPD

We look at how to solve common tax year issues and answer your frequently asked tax year end questions.

CPD learning outcomes - 60 minutes

  • Consider the interaction between tax relief and annual allowance and common carry forward problems
  • Explain the opportunities to maximise end of year pension funding for individuals and company directors
  • Outline the changes to dividend tax allowance and capital gains tax and the implications they may have on planning.

What's covered

  • Clare Moffat and Fiona Hanrahan talk through some of the common questions they're asked at tax year end and any relevant changes in relation to the Autumn Statement in November 2022
  • They also look at changes to the dividend tax allowance and capital gains tax and the implications these might have on planning.
  • This webinar was recorded before Jeremy Hunt's Spring Budget on 15 March 2023, so does not include any of the changes announced in that Budget. 

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1. Meera earns £50,000 and has no carry forward remaining, what is the maximum individual contribution she can pay into her pension (and receive tax relief)?
2. What's the amount of basic rate dividend tax that will be payable in April 2023?
3. If Geoff, a company director, only takes a salary of £9,000, what is the maximum pension contribution his employer/company can pay into his pension on his behalf?
4. 4.Ian has earnings of £80,000 plus a £40,000 redundancy payment this year. What is the maximum total individual contribution he can pay into his pension (and receive tax relief). He hasn't paid into a pension for a number of years.

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