Planning for age 75

Published  09 November 2021
   60 min CPD

When it comes to pensions, reaching age 75 is an important milestone and for many this is a vital time for financial advice.

It is therefore important to plan for this event in advance.

This is due to the changes in tax relief and the taxation of death benefits after age 75 as well as the potential lifetime allowance tax charge which could apply at age 75.

CPD learning outcomes

  • How tax relief on pensions changes at 75
  • How the main BCEs work at age 75
  • If you should take uncrystallised benefits before age 75
  • How death benefits differ before and after age 75
  • If trusts set up to receive death benefits are still relevant after age 75.

What's covered

  • How tax relief on pensions changes at age 75
  • The impact on trusts set up for death benefits after age 75
  • Pensions flexibility and how reaching age 75 impacts death benefits.

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1. What are the names of the benefit crystallisation events (BCEs) which happen at age 75?
2. What tax charge is deducted by the provider on death after age 75 when the benefits are paid to a discretionary trust?
3. Ignoring lifetime allowance, what lump death benefits are available from uncrystallised benefits when the member is over age 75?
4. Which of the following is NOT true about pension contributions and tax relief after age 75?
5. What is the only BCE which can happen after age 75?

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