Pension hot topics

Published  08 March 2022
   60 min CPD

In this webinar, Fiona Hanrahan and Craig Muir investigate three of the hottest technical pension topics.

CPD learning objectives - 60 minutes

After watching this webinar, you’ll understand:

  • where mistakes are made when working through carry forward calculations
  • how a pension can help clients in poorly performing ISA funds
  • the issues surrounding IHT and pensions.

What's covered

  • How to avoid carry forward mistakes – common mistakes when performing carry forward calculations, how to avoid them and how best to prepare
  • ISA vs pension - is now the time to invest? - how some of your clients may be able to boost their assets by 67% by switching their ISA to their pension
  • IHT and pensions changes from January 2022 – when IHT can apply to pensions and the recent changes to the reporting of IHT.

Pension hot topics

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1. In 2017/18, approximately what percentage of higher rate taxpayers eligible to claim relief through their Self-Assessment tax returns failed to do so?
2. Patrick has £100,000 of available annual allowance. What earnings would he need if he wanted to pay an individual pension contribution of £100,000 and receive tax relief on the full contribution?
3. Which of the following individuals would NOT be eligible to use carry forward?
4. In which of the following circumstances would IHT not normally apply?
5. Which of the following IHT forms relate to pensions?

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