A snapshot of our Pegasus Whole of Life Plan

If your clients are looking for peace of mind, knowing their families or businesses will be taken care of if the worst were to happen, then our Pegasus whole of life plan delivers just that.

Here are some reasons why your clients should take out a Pegasus Whole of Life Plan.


Tailor-made whole of life cover

We make it easy to customise our Pegasus Whole of Life Plan. We offer single life, joint life first event or joint life second event. We also offer cover on a life of another basis. Cover can be level or increasing.

Client benefits

  • Peace of mind

    Cover continues for as long as your clients want.

  • Adaptability to life’s changes

    We know life never stays the same for long. So in certain circumstances, cover can be increased without the need for new medical information.

  • Free Cover

    In many cases we can offer cover before your client’s plan actually starts. The cover is temporary and it starts as soon as we receive the completed application. 

  • Practical and emotional support

    Our Helping Hand service can help your clients and their spouse/ partner and children cope with the devastating effects of a terminal illness or death.

  • Trusts 

    Help make sure the money from your client’s plan ends up in the right hands at the right time, quickly and tax efficiently.

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