Protection online service: Quote and Apply FAQs

Your questions answered

  • You can come direct to the Royal London interactive quote and apply service from leading portals and most of the data you've already keyed for your client will be automatically transferred.
  • You can tailor quotes to your clients needs and get instant decisions on the cover we can give them, getting the most out of the flexibility our products offer.
  • The online application service is quick and easy to use. We've developed the screens to work with our paper data capture form, so keying information direct from the form couldn't be simpler.
  • The data capture form avoids unnecessary questions for 'clean' lives, which simplifies the sale and saves you time.
  • The system allows you to ask your clients further health questions that are specific to their situation, which means fewer requests to their GP and more immediate decisions.
  • Underwriting rules, limits and combination risks are built into the system, so the processing time is reduced, and underwriting decisions are more consistent.
  • There is flexibility for you to amend quotes before you submit them so you can add, change or delete covers or lives, which helps gets clients on risk quicker and is useful when it comes to budget-driven sales.
  • Additional health questions are asked at the end of the application process, so there's just one further call to the client, not several.
  • There's a dictionary with over 18,000 medical conditions, occupation, lifestyle and leisure pursuits, which will improve the quality of disclosure and will reduce the need for medical information.
  • You can add life of another and third party payers.
  • Our 'copy from person 1 to person 2 facility' saves you time when joint life clients share the same information, e.g. address or doctor's details.
  • We've included bank account validation and address look-ups to help you find this information quickly and accurately.

You can register from the Adviser protections login page. Click on 'Register for Account' in the 'Log in with email' panel. After submitting your details online, we could take up to 48 hours to fully process your registration. Until then you'll not be able to apply online or recall any quotes that you do. You'll be able to use the quote service but your commission settings will be wrong and will be quoted with LAUTRO as 132% on an indemnity basis. Once we send you confirmation of your registration, any future quotes will show your correct commission terms.

If you forget your log in details, please use the link on the quote and apply login screen to let us know. You will then receive an email telling you how to reset your password. You will need the answer to your security question you gave us when you registered. If you have any problems, or have forgotten the email address you use to log in with, then call us on 0345 6094 500.

Yes, you can quote and apply online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, you should be aware that:

  • if you submit an application online after 9pm, we will start to deal with it at 8am the following day (apart from Saturday and Sunday), and you will not be able to download the client pack or 'Access to Medical Reports Act' declaration between 9pm and 8am.

There may be times when we will close the service to upgrade or improve it. If this is likely to happen, there will be a message on the site to let you know when the service will or will not be available.

Our site is designed to be compatible with most modern device and browser combinations including Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari – please contact us if you have any problems.

Yes. Simply choose send to client on the options screen and enter some basic details. They will then receive an email asking them to complete the application questions. Your dashboard will notify you of our decision when they have done this. You can then give us their bank and GP details if we need them, and submit the application to us.

No, you can submit applications online for Personal Menu, Business Menu, Relevant Life and Pegasus Whole of Life plans.

Yes, you can apply online with a third party payer. If the plan is accepted and the payer is marked as the business partner, company, employer or other, the decision will change to refer so that financial underwriting can be done.

Yes, you can apply online for life of another. Simply choose 'no' when asked on the quote screen if the person covered will also be the plan owner.

Yes, you can change any of the client information you have already completed, including the details that have been transferred from the quote. To move to a previous page, click on 'back'.

Your quotes and part-completed applications are valid for 30 days after the initial quote date. So if you complete an online application 10 days after you do a quote, the application will be valid for 20 days. After you submit the application, if we don't accept it straight away, our standard 6-month validity period will apply. This means that if the plan doesn't start within 6 months, we will ask you to submit a new application.

This will change depending on whether you are taking the information from a data capture form or if you are completing the screens with your client, but it should take between 15 and 25 minutes to complete an online application.

Yes, one of the functions we've built in is quotation flexibility post decision. This allows you to easily quote for budget-driven sales, avoid submitting applications for people we're unable to accept, get clean lives on risk quicker and view rated commission before submission.

If we accept the application on standard terms you will receive an immediate decision online.

If we do not accept the application immediately, we'll refer it to our underwriters. They will either make a decision, request further evidence or confirm we're unable to accept the application. We'll contact you within a few days to let you know our decision or tell you what further information we need.

We have added an option called next best processing underneath where the decision is shown on the decision screen. This functionality triggers when a Total Permanent Disability, Income Protection or Waiver of Premium (Sickness) hasn't been accepted and establishes if there is another definition or deferred period that we might be able to consider. This allows you to review the decision given online, and to consider different options such as changing to working tasks or changing a deferred period, to allow the case to be submitted with the benefit.

You can retrieve both quotes and online applications for up to 30 days after the initial quote date. This is available from the quotes home page and you can do a search using your client's last name, quote or application number, or date. The search results will be displayed in a list. 

Once you've submitted an online application you won't be able to retrieve it, but you will be able to view and print a copy of the online application for up to 30 days after the initial quote date. Royal London recommend that you print a copy of the online application and keep this on your client's file.

After you submit an online application:

  • If we accept the application on standard terms you will receive an immediate decision online. We will then send you confirmation of these terms.
  • If we do not accept the application immediately, we'll refer it to our underwriters. They will either make a decision, request further evidence or confirm we're unable to accept the application. We'll contact you to let you know our decision or tell you what further information we need.
  • We’ll send your client a letter confirming our initial decision (if we’ve been able to make an immediate decision).
  • We’ll also send your client a digital copy of the application form so they can check the answers you've submitted, and give them an opportunity to tell us about any information which is inaccurate or incomplete.

Access to Medical Reports Act (AMRA) consent is provided as standard for online applications submitted to us via our adviser quote and apply service.

For online applications submitted via other portals, or for applications for our Diabetes Life cover, if we cannot accept your client's plan immediately and refer it to our underwriters, we may require an AMRA form to be provided separately. AMRA forms can either be downloaded from the protection literature library or we can arrange for an e-AMRA to be e-mailed to your client.

Alternatively, you can send us the signed AMRA declaration from your client's data capture form. We need AMRA consent before we can request any medical reports for your client.

For some cases we will still need to carry out identity checks, but once this is successful, the plan can go in force. If our identity check is not successful, we will ask you to provide verification of your client's identity.

If we give an application a standard terms decision online and your client has asked for an immediate start date, it will start on the same day, provided we've carried out a successful identity check. If we give an immediate standard terms decision, this will be subject to all the information you have given us on behalf of your client being accurate and complete.

If your client tells us that some of the information is incorrect or incomplete, we may change the terms we've offered or confirm we are unable to accept the application. We may then have to request further information before we can decide on any revised terms. If this is the case we will cancel any terms previously offered. Please make sure your client knows that they need to check the online application we send them and return the online confirmation form to us.

Depending on your client's answers to the data capture form questions, a further set of related questions may be presented after the standard ones. These questions are generated dynamically depending on your client's answers, and can take a few seconds to process; during this time you don't need to do anything. The next question will appear automatically. After a numeric answer, a date answer, or any large free text box you can either tab or click outside of the field to indicate you have finished typing your answer. 

These questions are designed to remove the need for certain conditions to go to an underwriter. This allows an immediate online decision for more applications. Certain disclosures will have to be referred either to an underwriter or for medical evidence to be issued. If the reflexive additional questions are triggered you will need to have your client available to answer these questions.

It's built in behind the scenes and has thousands of entries for certain conditions and disclosures. When you reach a box where this function is available a '?' will appear. When you hover over it and an information box will show stating: 'To search enter at least 2 characters. Do not press 'enter' or any other command as the search will automatically happen. A list of potential items will then be presented. Click once for a fuller description of an item and again to select.'

Yes, we do not want to limit disclosure from your client and they should disclose all relevant information under each relevant question. If they disclose the same thing twice they will be asked 'is this the same occurrence of the same condition?' If it is then they should indicate this in the follow-up question and we will only ask one questionnaire for the condition. But if there have been 2 separate occurrences of the same condition they should choose 'no' to the follow up question (for example 2 cysts in the same location but at different times) as we need to capture further details around each condition. Care is needed to answer this question correctly - if the condition is a rateable one and the client discloses it twice, and tells us incorrectly that they are 2 separate occurrences, they may get a double rating applied automatically.

'Sorry, the application pack for the above application is currently not available online.'
You will see this message when the client application pack isn't available for you to view or print online. We'll send you an email as soon as the documents are available. If you get this message you don't need to do anything and shouldn't resubmit the application. 

'Sorry, we are currently experiencing technical problems with our adviser site.'
You will see this message when our interactive quote and apply service is unavailable. 

'Sorry, cannot Modify/Proceed with a previously submitted application.'
You will see this message if you submit an application then use the 'back' button to return to a previous screen and change the information on that screen before resubmitting the application. You should make sure that all of the details on the application are correct before you submit an application.

We have a service desk available to answer both user questions and technical questions about the system. You can contact them on 0345 609 4500 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. This number is also displayed on the application screens.