Our responsible investment approach

To help us make sure that our customers' money is being invested responsibly, we focus on the following key areas. We believe this approach also helps to actively influence the transition to a more sustainable world.

Our key focus areas

Stewardship - voting and engagement

Our asset managers help us be a good steward of our customers' investments and positively influence the companies they invest in through voting and engagement.

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Voting and engagement in practice

Find out how Royal London Asset Management uses its role as a shareholder to influence positive change and help deliver better long-term outcomes both for our customers and the wider world.

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ESG integration

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are integrated into the investment decision-making process across our Governed Range.

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Active management

Active management is an essential part of our Governed Range so exposure to companies with poor E, S or G practices can be adjusted.

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How we practice responsible investment

We believe that deciding not only how we should invest - our investment principles - but who we should work with helps make sure that we're in the best position to do what's right for our customers.

So our role is to pick the asset managers we believe are best aligned with our investment principles.

  • Responsible selection - Before we appoint an asset manager, we’ll carry out a responsible investment assessment at the screening stage to make sure they meet the best practice standards we have in place. 
  • Appointment - We'll make sure asset managers are clear about our responsible investment principles, and we'll only choose to work with ones who are already putting those into practice.
  • Monitoring and reporting - We’ll ask asset managers to provide regular updates and reports on their progress. If we find they’re not reaching the standards we expect, we may decide to stop working with them.

What this means for your clients

Ultimately, responsible investment isn't about choosing values over value. It's about integrating both to deliver sustainable long-term investment returns. Remember though that the value of investments can go down as well as up and your clients may not get back all of their original investment.

By combining the skills of our asset managers with the ESG impacts of investments, we aim to provide better financial outcomes for our customers - your clients, while also working towards making businesses, society and the environment stronger for the future.

Our investment options

Responsible investment comes at no extra cost across our range of investment solutions.

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