Our sustainable fund range

A range of six sustainable funds managed by Royal London Asset Management.

Our sustainable fund range offers value for money and gives your clients a way to express their personal values - by giving them an option to invest in companies that make a contribution to our society.

  • Maximum annual charge of just 1% a year*

  • Six funds across the risk-return spectrum, from 100% fixed income to 100% equities

  • Over £2.2bn assets under management (as at September 2023)

  • Managed by Royal London Asset Management, which has over 20 years' experience of running sustainable funds.

*The basic charge is 1% a year, which is built into the fund price. We apply a discount for all customers, which depends on the value of the investment.

Risk rated by Distribution Technology

Our sustainable funds have been risk rated by Distribution Technology and risk profiles have been assigned as follows:

Fund Assigned risk profile
RLP Sustainable Managed Income Trust 4
RLP Sustainable Managed Growth Trust 4
RLP Sustainable Diversified Trust 5
RLP Sustainable World Trust 7
RLP Sustainable Leaders Trust 7
RLP Global Sustainable Equity 8


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