Making a single contribution

If your client wants to make a single contribution into their pension with us, everything you need to get started is right here.

If you’re just looking to start a conversation about the benefits of making a one-off payment, or even brush up on all the different tax rates and allowances, we can help you with that too.

How to pay

Submit applications online without a signature

It’s quick and easy to submit single contribution applications for existing Pension Portfolio clients with our online form - simply log into online service (opens in a new window) to get started.

Use our online form to submit applications without a signature when there’s:

  • no change to investment choice
  • less than two years since the last single contribution
  • no change to adviser
  • no change to the adviser charge or no adviser charge applies.

Download a pre-filled form

If the application doesn’t meet the criteria above, we’ll need a signed form. It’s still really easy to submit the application, simply:

Complete a paper application form

If you prefer, you can complete a paper application form.

Hit the tax year deadline

If your client would like to make a single contribution in the current tax year, we must receive their completed application form by 6pm on Friday 31 March 2023.

Find out how saving more could make a difference to your client’s pension savings.

Get a quote

Start a conversation

Conversation starters

Demonstrate the tax benefits of saving into a pension and the difference making a single contribution could make to your client’s pension savings:

How higher rate tax relief works in practice leaflet (PDF)

Data and insight

For data and insight about clients who typically make a single contribution between 1 March and 5 April, speak to your usual Royal London contact.

Hit the ProfitShare deadline

While we can’t guarantee that we can award ProfitShare every year, if your clients make a single contribution or a transfer into their existing Royal London plan before 6pm on Thursday 30 March 2023, we'll include this in the calculations for any ProfitShare that may be awarded in 2023.

To qualify for an award in 2023, the plan must have been in force on or before 30 December 2022.