Workplace pensions

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How to pay

Submit the application online

You can submit applications online quickly and easily, simply:  

Then use our personal pension submission portal to upload and securely send the form to our servicing team.

We can accept:

  • Scanned copies of signed application forms
  • Applications signed by the client using an electronic signature (e.g. DocuSign)
  • An unsigned copy of an application form where it hasn't been possible to get a wet signature from the client. This must be submitted along with an email from the client, confirming that they're happy to go ahead with the application.

To make it easier for you, we've created some standard wording (.doc) that must be included in the confirmation email from your clients.

How to help your clients this tax year end

Demonstrate the benefits of making regular contributions to smooth out market volatility with our investing through volatility leaflet (PDF).

Find out how saving more could make a difference to your client’s pension savings.

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Find out how our award winning servicing teams can help you save time and effort at tax year end.

Tax year end brings its fair share of tasks and ticking clocks. 

At Royal London, our digital support is here to help.

We've developed a dedicated hub to make your life easier.

Just what you need in one simple place.

From payment processing to deadline management.

And if you hit a snag?

Our expert team is just a call or click away, ready to guide you through.

This is award-winning support tailored for tax year end's unique demands.

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You can access rich data and insights about clients who typically make a single contribution during the tax year end period. Talk to your usual Royal London contact.

Tax year end insights

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