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Could your self-employed clients use the difference in National Insurance contributions to help buy a protection plan?

If a client is self-employed, they won't be able to rely on common employer benefits such as death-in-service cover or sick pay.

Without an additional plan in place, they and their family could face financial difficulty if they were to die or were unable to work through illness or injury.

Self-employed clients will generally pay less in National Insurance contributions than someone who’s employed. Have they thought about using the difference to fund the protection they need?

Use our National Insurance calculator to start the protection conversation.

Simply enter your client's details below for an estimate of the difference in contributions they might pay

These figures are based on the HMRC 2024/25 National Insurance rates.

If your client's value is negative they don't pay any less National Insurance than an employed worker

This information is based on our current understanding of law and HM Revenue & Customs practice for the tax year 2024/25. It may be affected by future changes and individual circumstances.

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