ISA rates & factors

ISA type Eligibility

Maximum subscription per tax year1

Government bonus
Cash ISA 16+ £20,000 per year None
Stocks and Shares ISA 18+ £20,000 per year None
Lifetime ISA2 18-40 for set up but can subscribe up to age 50. £4,000 per year Maximum £1,000 per year (25%)
Help to buy ISA3 18+ Initial subscription was £1,200 then £200 per month4 Minimum £400  Maximum £3,000
Junior ISA2 Up to 18 £9,000 per year None
Flexible ISA2  18+ £20,000 per year None
Innovative finance ISA 18+ £20,000 per year None

1 The overall maximum subscription to all ISAs is £20,000.

2 Lifetime ISAs, Junior ISAs and Flexible ISAs can be Cash ISAs or Stocks and Shares ISAs.

3 It is not longer possible to open a new Help to Buy ISA. It is possible to pay in until November 2029. 

4 The minimum Government bonus is £400 so it is necessary to pay in at least £1,600 before a bonus is awarded.