A glossary of some if the common terms used when discussing later life lending.
  • Applicants
    Joint or single applicants. Must be UK residents.
  • Capital repayment
    Monthly repayments are made up of the interest and some of the capital. At the end of the agreed term if all repayments are made the original amount borrowed will have been repaid.
  • Early repayment charges
    Fees payable to the lender if the applicant wishes to repay some or all of the amount borrowed during an agreed period as defined in the mortgage offer.
  • Equity
    The difference between the value of a property and any debts secured against the property.
  • Equity release
    The ability for homeowners to release some of the equity in their home tax-free.
  • Equity Release Council
    The industry body for the UK’s Equity Release sector.
  • Inheritance protection guarantee
    A feature available on lifetime mortgages. It enables the borrower to allocate a percentage of the property for inheritance purposes.
  • Inheritance tax
    A tax payable of on the estate of someone who has died. Currently there is no inheritance tax payable if:
    • The value of the estate is less than £325,000.
    • The value above £325,000 is left to a spouse, civil partner, charity or a community amateur sports club.
    • If the property is gifted to children or grandchildren then the threshold can increase to £500,000.  More information can be found in Inheritance tax and related manuals.
  • Inheritance tax rates
    The standard rate is 40%. This is only paid on the amount above the threshold. More information can be found at Inheritance tax rates
  • Interest only
    Borrowers repay just the interest each month. At the end of the agreed term the borrowers must repay the outstanding capital balance.
  • Interest roll-up (compounding interest)
    Each month the interest charged on the amount borrowed is added to the amount borrowed. Interest is then charged on the increased amount. The total of the outstanding capital balance and the rolled-up interest is then repaid at the end of the term.
  • Interest servicing
    A feature available on some lifetime mortgages which allows the borrower to repay some or all of the interest each month.
  • Later life lending
    A term used to describe several types of borrowing designed for customers, typically over the age of 55. Later life lending is comprised of traditional mortgages, retirement interest only mortgages and equity release.
  • Location
    England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Lifetime mortgages
    Long term loans secured against a property. They are repaid on the death or entry into long term care of the last borrower, usually by the sale of the property.
  • No negative equity guarantee
    At the end of the term the amount owed cannot be more than the value of the property, therefore leaving no debt to the estate.
  • Retirement interest only mortgages
    Long term loans secured against the property. They are repaid on the death or entry into long term care of the last borrower, usually by the sale of the property.
  • Traditional mortgages
    Loans secured against a property. They are repaid at the end of the agreed term. 


The information provided is based on our current understanding of the relevant legislation and regulations and may be subject to alteration as a result of changes in legislation or practice. Also it may not reflect the options available under a specific product which may not be as wide as legislations and regulations allow.

All references to taxation are based on our understanding of current taxation law and practice and may be affected by future changes in legislation and the individual circumstances of the investor.

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