Eligibility - frequently asked questions

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Any individual may contribute to a registered pension scheme. The contributions will receive tax relief if they are under age 75 and:

  • they are resident in the UK at some time during the year, or
  • they have relevant UK earnings chargeable to UK income tax, or
  • they are tax resident in the UK both at some time in the previous 5 tax years and when they became a member of the pension scheme, or
  • they (or their spouse or civil partner) have general earnings from overseas crown employment subject to UK tax.

The tax relief will be limited to the greater of £3,600 a year and 100% of their UK relevant earnings in the tax year.

HMRC - Pensions Tax Manual - PTM044100: Contributions: tax relief for members: conditions

So long as they are eligible to contribute to a registered pension scheme (see above) a payment of any amount can be made, regardless of a member's level of earnings. The maximum payment which will receive tax relief is a total gross payment (that is member contributions and basic rate tax relief) of up to £3,600 a year gross in any tax year.

HMRC - Pensions tax manual - PTM044100: Contributions: tax relief for members: conditions


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