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Good protection is about more than money. Make your advice stand out by offering clients a holistic protection package.

From 1 January 2022, for new customers, Helping Hand includes a wellbeing support service, designed to help your clients maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It gives the plan owners online access to a range of hand-picked early care medical services, so they have the help and advice they need to stay fit and healthy and help stop small health issues becoming a big problem. This is in addition to the other support services Helping Hand already offers.

And our wellbeing support service will also be available soon to customers with an existing Menu Plan.

Helping Hand is included with all our advised protection plans. It's there for clients, whichever stage in life they're at, and as a plan owner it doesn't cost them anything extra to use.

Being able to offer your clients a holistic protection package, with benefits they can use day-to-day, can be a great way to show the value of your advice - and gives your clients more than they might expect from their protection.

We recently enhanced our Helping Hand service, which is available with all Royal London Menu Plans bought through a financial adviser.

For new customers, Helping Hand now includes a wellbeing support service, designed to help the plan owners maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It means that we’re there for them day-to-day, as well as during difficult times.

Here’s a closer look at our new-look Helping Hand...

We wanted to help your clients get the help and advice they need to stay fit and healthy and help stop small health issues becoming a bigger problem.

So once your client’s plan starts, they’ll be invited to complete a digital health assessment created by our wellbeing partner, LiveSmart.

They’ll then get an online personalised health report from LiveSmart and full access to a range of hand-picked early care medical services.

These services were selected based on the main health challenges customers often experience, meaning your clients get support that really makes a difference to their mental and physical wellbeing.

The wellbeing support services include …

HealthHero, for 24/7 access to virtual GP consultations by qualified, experienced NHS doctors, helpful for people struggling to see their regular GP.

Your clients can also arrange an appointment if they’d like to discuss the results of their health assessment, or need some advice on where to start.

And for a Helping Hand on the go, there’s an NHS-approved app Thrive: Mental Wellbeing which helps with self-management of mental health conditions like stress and anxiety.

Clients can also access an app to help them understand the impact of activity on their cardiorespiratory fitness, optimizing their path to health.

PAI – short for Personal Activity Intelligence is a heart health app which provides customers with a personalised prescription for physical activity to live a longer, healthier life.

Then there’s TrackActiveMe, an app created by physiotherapists to help diagnose, self-manage and prevent musculoskeletal problems.

It provides physiotherapy advice and a library of personalised exercises to help keep your clients strong and injury free.

And because life doesn’t always go according to plan, if your client, their partner, or children, suffer a serious illness, injury or bereavement, Helping Hand will be there to offer support.

We work with RedArc, an independent nurse advisory service, to offer tailored and personal support from a dedicated nurse, for as long as it’s needed.

Helping Hand is a great way for you to show the benefits of a Royal London Menu Plan and the value of your advice.

Helping Hand is there for your clients, whichever stage in life they’re at, and as a plan owner it doesn’t cost them anything extra to use.

So why not help your clients with their day-to-day, with Helping Hand?

A Helping Hand with wellbeing

Our online wellbeing partners, LiveSmart, give the plan owners access to a range of services that support their health goals. Once they register and complete LiveSmart's brief health questionnaire, they’ll get a personalised health report and full access to the services available from our wellbeing partners. 

Their health report gives them tips on how to improve or maintain their health, and recommends the wellbeing services in the order that could benefit them the most.

Any information your clients share with our wellbeing partners won’t affect the terms of their Royal London plan, or be taken into account if they need to make a claim.


24/7 access to virtual GP consultations by qualified, experienced, NHS practising doctors delivered through a suite of digital tools for your client's convenience.

Thrive: Mental Wellbeing

Help for your clients to improve their mental wellbeing using an NHS approved app. They’ll get personalised advice and recommendations to help prevent, detect and manage mental health conditions.

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence)

Clients can find out their heart health score and link their wearable devices (FitBit, Apple Watch or Amazfit) to measure the impact of physical activity on the heart. They’ll get ongoing, tailored guidance on how to improve their heart heath.

What moves you?

At PAI Health our mission is simple, reduce deaths from heart attacks and heart related diseases. PAI - short for Personal Activity intelligence - is customised to your unique profile and lifestyle, and helps you understand how everything you do impacts your heart, not just exercise and steps. PIA tracks your heart and guides you toward a healthier, more energised you. Every person has a Personalised Intelligence Score based on in-depth science and advanced technology. Research has shown that PAI can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and lifestyle disease mortality by 25%.

The science behind PAI has been validated in the American Journal of Medicine, Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases and Mayo Clinic proceedings.

Whether it's walking or playing with the kids, PAI helps you add joy to your days and years to your life. Discover for what moves you with PAI.


Created by physiotherapists, this app can assess a musculoskeletal problem, for example joint pain, and give clients access to physiotherapy advice and personalised exercises – potentially preventing an issue from getting worse. 

Track Active is a physical wellbeing application that serves three main functions to help users improve their physical health. These are prevent, recover, or see or speak to a physiotherapist. Prevention is better than cure and TrackactiveMe is the physical wellbeing App to reduce the risk of developing joint, bone and muscle pain through a chatbot. The App profiles a user based on their age, exercise habits and type of work. Users can then choose a range of programmes developed by physiotherapists and occupational therapists to mobilise and strengthen their body. This includes Pilates, yoga, strengthening and stretching programmes.

Exercises in all programs are low impact and backed by research and data insights to ensure effectiveness and safety. Videos and descriptions of the exercises ensure the correct technique, and there is also a description of the benefits of doing the exercise to stay strong and healthy. Programming is particularly clever, it selects exercises based on the user's profile and continues to adapt the programme with their feedback. This keeps users engaged and improving.

The Office Five and Under Five is a five minute mobility program designed for office workers to prevent back, neck and shoulder pain. This program is designed to be done at the office to break up extended periods of sedentary work which can be detrimental to health. Reminders can be set for any program in the App. Users are prompted to set them after initially completing program. They can also edit them through the Me section.

Physical activity is critical to preventing problems with our physical health. Each week, the World Health Organisation guidelines recommend that we should be doing 150 minutes of aerobic exercise and two strength sessions equating to about 90 minutes of strength exercises. TrackActive users can add and track their weekly physical activity minutes by adding a log of their different activities. Completing certain programs within the Track ActiveMe App also adds to these minutes through our integrations with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit. Users can keep track of their daily step count and try to reach the suggested goal of 10,000 steps each day.

A user can also set other personal goals for themselves, keeping them motivated and on track to better physical health.

Through the chat function, a user can self-assess a joint, muscle or spine problem within a few minutes. The chatbot asks the user questions about their condition and then analyses the answers to provide the likely diagnosis of their problem. It can also identify injuries and conditions that pose any critical risk to their health and provide them alternative pathways of care. These clinical algorithms have been developed by a team of highly experienced clinicians and validated by a leading London University. If an injury has been diagnosed and is considered suitable for advice and self-management, a user is shown educational videos with tips on how to reduce their pain and recover.

A personalised video-based exercise programme is then generated which adapts and progresses with the user feedback. So, if an exercise or program isn't quite right, the App will adjust the programme to be more suitable. Users can log and view their symptoms, the App checks in on the user each time they do their program to get a measure of their symptoms every few days.

The App also asks about their recovery to make sure they are making the expected progress. 

TrackActiveMe is the leading application for prevention and recovery of muscle bone and joint pain. Whether it is needed for rehab or wellness, our application is always there to guide and support our users to better physical health and a pain free life.

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