Income Protection for tenants and their families

Our flexible Income Protection can give your clients peace of mind knowing they’ll be able to pay their rent, and cover some of their everyday expenses, if they can’t work due to illness or injury.

The number of people renting in the UK is on the rise.1 Yet unlike homeowners, very few renters are encouraged to consider the benefits of protection.2

In the last 10 years,
the number of people
renting their home has
more than doubled.1

Almost 600,000 new rental properties between 2018-2023.3

of households will be
privately rented by 2023.3


Research shows that many tenants would be interested in having a conversation about protection.2 Together, we can make this happen and help tenants become more financially resilient, so that should the unexpected happen they can focus on their recovery.

Unlocking UK rental market opportunities

We've created a range of support materials to help you unlock protection opportunities in the UK rental market, start conservations and build relationships with lettings agents and their tenants.

We also have a handy income shortfall calculator to help you demonstrate how long your client might cope if they were unable to work.

Take a look at these resources.

Income Protection for tenants and their families

Build your knowledge of protection opportunities in the UK rental market: 

Working together to protect the rental income of letting agents

Help letting agents understand the opportunity and why their tenants need protection. You can add your company logo and contact details to this sales aid.

Introducing tenants to protection

Help tenants understand the need for protection and the difference it can make with our engaging animation, infographics and sales aid.

Why should I back up my income?

Share one couple's journey with and without Income Protection with your clients.

View infographic

How much is Income Protection going to cost?

Show your clients how giving up just one or two coffees a week could be all it takes to afford long-term Income Protection.

View infographic

Sales aid

Our Protection for you and your family sales aid can support your conversations with tenants.

Download now

Approach email templates

Suggested wording to help you contact tenants, and help letting agents share the benefits of protection with their tenants.

From adviser to tenant
From letting agent to tenant

Find out more about our full range of protection covers

Our menu tool lets you compare the value of income protection as part of our menu plan with the traditional protection approach.


UK private rented sector: 2018. 
Hymans Robertson, Protecting generation rent, September 2019
Knight Frank’s Multihousing 2019 report

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