Product details of our Income Protection

Find out more about our Income Protection and how your clients can choose their own cover to suit their individual business needs.

Additional benefits of Income Protection

Our Income Protection under our Business Menu Plan automatically includes fracture cover and hospitalisation payment as standard.

There’s no need to wait for your chosen deferred period to end before getting a payout and they don’t affect your main Income Protection cover.

We’ll pay up to £4,000 per fracture cover claim - we cover multiple fractures in the same claim, up to the £4,000 claim limit. And a client can make up to two fracture claims in a 12 month period.

  • Fracture cover is available from the day a client's Income Protection starts and there's no deferred period to wait before making a claim
  • It doesn't affect your client's main Income Protection cover.

The payout a client receives depends on the fracture site, see our plan details for full details. 

Skeleton. This image is an infographic and has alternative text available if you are using a screen reader.

Skeleton showing the varying payments of payments based on which body part you have fractured. The payout amount varies between £1,000 (collar bone) and £4,000 (Skull; open fracture, upper leg or knee)

If a client is hospitalised for more than six consecutive nights during their deferred period, we’ll pay £100 per night, for up to 90 nights during the term of their cover. If we’ve started paying a claim and they’re discharged from hospital, then readmitted for the same cause, we’ll restart their payments (subject to certain conditions).

We give clients with deferred periods of 13, 26 and 52 weeks a back-to-work payment in their first and second months back at work to help meet any additional expenses.

The amount they get depends on their cover payment period:

Cover payment period First month Second month
Whole term 50% of monthly payment 25% of monthly payment
One, two or three years 25% of monthly payment 10% of monthly payment

We won't pay an Income Protection claim if:

  • It’s the result of intentional self-inflicted injury
  • It’s the result of an exclusion shown on the cover summary
  • The person covered doesn’t meet the definition of incapacitated in our plan details
  • If any medical or other evidence is not supplied when we ask for it.

Terms and conditions

For full terms and conditions, including our definitions under Income Protection see our Business Menu Income Protection plan details (PDF).