Case management

Our case management approach makes it easy to do business with us.

At Royal London, we understand the work that goes into getting your clients to recognise the need for protection. So, we give your applications the same care and attention you do.

Every case is overseen by a named case manager and you have a direct line to our underwriters. But, we want to enable you to do more digitally. With our online dashboard you can follow the progress of an application from start to finish - making it a faster and more convenient way to keep track of business.

For more complicated cases – for example, if you have a client with a history of raised blood pressure or depression - you can speak to our underwriters directly if you want to discuss things in more detail.

We think our approach to case management gives you a much better level of service.

And we’re always looking for ways to make it even easier to do business with us, so please let us know what you think by emailing