Client review service overview

You can create branded, visual reports which delve further into the year on year performance of your client’s plan - and how the future might look for them. 

As part of the custom review, you can choose the content you’d like to include in the client reports to create a truly personalised review experience.

This includes content on a broad range of topics to help educate and engage your clients, including detailed market commentary, ESG and Responsible Investment and financial wellbeing.

Benefits for you and your clients

How it works

Whether your clients are preparing for retirement, taking tax-free cash or enjoying a regular income, you can use our client review service to conduct a cost-effective review service for your clients.  

The first time you use the service, you’ll have the option to upload your company logo and contact details.

To get started, simply choose the period you want to review – you can change this to suit your client’s needs.

With just a few clicks, you can create a review which delves further into the year on year performance of your client’s plan – and how the future might look for them.

You can also add your personal comments to reflect your review conversations.

You can view key facts such as plan performance for the review period and since the plan started. And you’ll also have access to more information, like investment benchmarks.

After creating a review, you can create three different types of branded, visual reports - two for your client and one for you.

The client summary report includes the key points you might want to discuss with your client during your meeting.

The full client report includes all the content you’ve selected. You might use this as a leave-behind.

And for you, there’s the detailed adviser report, backing up everything in the client report so you can demonstrate you’ve carried out your due diligence checks.

Each report is saved automatically, creating a track record for each client. So, you’ll be able to view and download historic reports for your records any time you need them.

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