Making logging in even easier

28 June 2021
From mid-July we’re enhancing the way you and your clients log in to our online service. These changes will make it safer and simpler for you to access your account.

At Royal London we’re consistently investing in the services we provide to advisers and customers. We know how important securing and protecting your information is, but we also understand that it has to be balanced against making it easy for you (and only you) to access. This is why we’re making some simple changes to how you’ll log in to our online service.

The new updates and what they mean for you

To make it easier for you to access your account we’re upgrading our password reset process from using security questions to a unique 6-digit pin sent to your phone via SMS – making it more secure and simpler for you to regain access to your account.

Because of our new security enhancement, you’ll now need to provide a mobile number for your account. You’ll be prompted to provide one the first time you log in after the changes take effect.  

Ensuring only you can access your account

At Royal London we take your privacy and security seriously which is why we’re moving towards this simpler, more secure way of helping to protect your account. So it’s important that we have the most up-to-date information from you. This will ensure you can reset your password and log in seamlessly.

As well as an improved, simplified security experience the log in screen to our online service will also have an improved layout.

If you do have any questions about this change or if you’d like any support updating your account please speak to your usual Royal London representative.

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