Client access

Our online service allows your clients to handle some of their own pension administration so they feel more in control. This allows you to focus on providing more value to your clients.

For workplace clients


We've created a range of services to make scheme management as painless as possible:

  • Scheme management - view and easily manage their scheme details.
  • Contribution processing - send regular contributions to us online.
  • Projections - look at the effect paying extra contributions could have when their employees reach their chosen retirement age. 
  • Track changes - keep track of any changes made to employees' plans online.


The level of access given to employees can be tailored to suit the needs of your client. Features can include:

  • Projections - look at the effect paying extra contributions could have when they reach their chosen retirement age.
  • Online switching - switch existing funds and/or redirect future contributions.
  • Change details - update personal and plan information.

For individual clients

Clients can access a wide variety of information and services, including:

  • Personal details – personal information, current contributions, contribution history, transactions, current investments, fund information and values.
  • Valuations - detailed breakdown of investment valuations.
  • Projections - select from a range of options including contribution changes and additional single contributions.
  • Yearly review details - current renewal details.
  • Investment changes - change investment options for current investment value and future contributions.
  • Online fund switching - allowing them to alter their fund selection or redirect future contributions into the fund(s) of their choice
  • Income Release - clients can see their current plan value split between Savings Account and Income Release Account and their income payments


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