Back office guide

Users of most back office systems can get instant valuations for our pensions and bonds.

These back office systems have been designed to ease the pressures of administration and compliance, allowing you to see a client's entire financial portfolio and freeing up more of your time to give clients the advice they are looking for.

Plus they link directly in to our system, so for each policy you can view:

  • the current policy value
  • the value of the underlying funds
  • the number of units held in each fund.

If you need help getting started or once you're up and running, our web support team are only an email or phone call away if you have any problems or questions.

Call them on 0345 60 50 401 or email them at

This service can be used with the following Royal London products:

Personal PensionsGroup PensionsBonds
Pension Portfolio Retirement Solutions Group Personal Pension Capital Investment Bond
Talisman Personal Pension Plan Talisman Group Pension Plan Capital Trust
Personal Pension Investment Plan Retirement Solutions Group Stakeholder Plan  
Talisman Income Drawdown Plan Talisman Personal Pension Plan  
Pension Portfolio Section 32 Buy Out Plan Retirement Solutions Company Pension Scheme  
Talisman Section 32 Buy Out Plan    
Talisman FSAVC Pension Plan    
Individual Executive Plan    
Talisman Executive Pension Plan    
Executive Pension Investment Plan    
  • Quay Software (Capita)
  • 2Plan
  • IntelliFlo
  • IRESS – Adviser Office
  • True Potential
  • Plum Software
  • JCS
  • Best Practice
  • Assyst

To access your Royal London clients' policy details via back office systems you must first be registered for our online service. This will also provide you with access to our secure extranet service with quotations, client details and policy servicing.

You will also need to have a Unipass certificate attached to your online service account. A Unipass certificate is available via the Unipass website.

You can register using our simple online process. Please ensure that you connect your account to your Unipass certificate at registration.

The registration process usually takes less than 2 business days to set up access to all of your clients policies.

Once the process has been completed, you will be able to use your Unipass certificate to access your clients details.

To access the details of a Royal London client through your back office system you need to enter the client's personal details and Royal London policy number.

If the problem doesn't relate to a policy valuation for a Royal London product then you should contact the relevant system's helpdesk.

If your problem does relate to a Royal London valuation, our Web Support team are only an email or phone call away if you have any problems or questions.

Call them on 0345 60 50 401 or email them at

Alternatively, you can check the list of errors below for an explanation of what error messages mean and how to resolve them.

Error No. ReturnedError Message ReturnedExplanation
1001 Intermediary details are incorrect Our security checks suggest you are not allowed to view the policy number in question for one of a number of reasons:
  1. The policy number is incorrect – please check that the policy number is for the correct client.
  2. Our records show the policy should not be accessed by your online service account - please contact our Web Support team for further investigation.
1004 Message failed security check This relates to your Unipass certificate or ID and password. This will likely be for one of five reasons:
  1. You are not registered with our online service. Register here.
  2. You have not linked your Unipass certificate to your online service user account in True Potential or Intelligent Office.
  3. You are using an out of date Password in Avelo. Please update Avelo to the most up-to-date Royal London password.
  4. You are registered but have not accepted our updated Terms and Conditions. Please login to our online service where you will be presented with the new Terms and Conditions.
  5. There is an issue with your online service Account or Unipass certificate. Please contact our Web Support team.
1005 Contract not found The policy number is not recognised. It is likely the wrong number is entered into the Intelligent Office system. Please check that you have entered the correct policy number into the back office system.
1009 Contract reference must be supplied Please contact our Web Support team.
1011 Enquiries on this Product Type/Sub Type not supported by the provider Unfortunately we do not support every Royal London legacy policy for valuations. The policy types we support are indicated in the Back Office guide.
1014 Fund Code Type not supported by provider The user can ask us to provide one of a number of fund codes. We support 'ISIN', 'SEDOL' and 'MEX' only.
1016 Valuation Type not supported Please contact our Web Support team.
1022 Selected Retirement Dates/Ages unsupported. Planned Date/Age used instead Please contact our Web Support team.
1026 Contract undergoing alteration. No data can be returned at this time We are undertaking some work on this policy and has such are not able to confirm the accuracy of the valuations we provide. You should be able to receive a policy valuation in a few days. Please contact us directly if the policy valuation required is urgent.
1027 Provider system problem. Details cannot be returned. Please try later We are experiencing some short term technical issues that do not allow us to issue a policy valuation. We always aim to resolve this as quickly as possible.
1029 This policy has been surrendered The policy has been surrendered. For this reason we are no longer able to provide a fund valuation. You may wish to update your records.
1030 This policy has lapsed The policy has lapsed. For this reason we are no longer able to provide a fund valuation. You may wish to update your records.
1031 This policy has matured The policy has reached maturity date. For this reason we are no longer able to provide a fund valuation. You may wish to update your records.
1032 This policy has transferred The policy has been transferred out. For this reason we are no longer able to provide a fund valuation. You may wish to update your records.
1055 The policyholder has died We do not provide valuations for policies where we have been told the policyholder has died.

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