One-off taxable income payment request

This online form is for clients who have taken a one-off taxable income payment from their Pension Portfolio plan (with Income Release) before, and their bank details remain the same.

Please contact our customer service team on 0345 850 8953 or if you'd like to make any other requests relating to your client's plan, including requesting a one-off taxable income payment for the first time or changing their bank details.

If you've agreed an adviser charge in return for the advice and service you provide for this income request, you'll need to complete our Ad hoc adviser charge instruction form (PDF).

If you haven't given your client financial advice about taking an income from their plan, we'll need to contact them to make sure they understand the impact this could have on the rest of their savings and they accept the risks involved.

Any income your client takes will be taken proportionately across all the funds they’re invested in.

For details about how we use your information, please read our privacy notice (opens in a new window).