Individual pension range literature

Find application forms for new and existing clients as well as guides and key features.

To save time, some of our personal pension applications forms can be uploaded or submitted online.

Documents and forms

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Change of investment form (PDF)

Complete to alter your existing investment choice for your Pension Portfolio Plan, Individual Pension Plan, or Retirement Solutions Plan.

32A28 Yes

SHR additional contribution application form (PDF)

Complete to apply an additional contribution to your existing Individual Stakeholder Pension Plan.

32A7 -

SHR application form (PDF)

Complete to apply for a Stakeholder Pension Plan.

32A5 -

Executive Pension Plan tax-free cash entitlement form (PDF)

Complete to gather all the information required to calculate the maximum tax-free cash entitlement for a member.

32A30 -

Title Reference

Technical guide for our Stakeholder Pension Plan (PDF)

A guide to our Stakeholder Pension Plan.


Investing for your retirement - pension investment options guide (PDF)

A client brochure to help them make sense of pension investment options and pick a route to retirement that’s right for them.


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Stakeholder Pension Plan key features (PDF)

Important information to help your client decide whether our Individual Stakeholder Pension Plan is right for them.