Tackling the gender pension and wealth gap

The gender pension gap for private pensions currently stands at 35%1 despite the gender pay gap falling to 7.7%2, among full time workers, over the past decade.

Our report, Tackling the gender pension and wealth gap, looks at the differences between men and women in saving for retirement, their long-term savings and general approach to the protection market.  

Building on our 2022 report, Bridging the Gender Pension Gap, we dig into the conventions and socio-economic factors that contribute to the gender pension and wealth gap. Providing insights to better support meaningful conversations around the unique financial circumstances many women find themselves in.

What our research reveals

Financial resilience can be impacted by the fundamentals – like struggling with numbers and personal health or family circumstances

The financial impact of a woman taking a 12-year career break for childcare can be upwards of £91,713

Perimenopausal symptoms can have an affect on a sizeable part of a woman’s working life, impacting their financial resilience

Bridging the gap cover

Championing financial resilience for everyone

Our report explores how socio-economic issues translate into a gender pension and wealth gap, showing how income, childcare and perimenopause can affect women’s finances. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the financial realities of women in the UK, and how you can better support them to reach financial security. 

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